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Link Data Management System

Our system protects the integrity of all data inputted, minimizes errors and enables us to customize reports and affidavits. This allows OSI to make necessary adjustments and changes to documents when needed.

Secure Data Exchange

OSI has the ability to establish system "links" with the client with a secure exchange of information to and from 2 systems.

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Client Portal

OSI encourages all it's clients to use the client portal.  This provides the fist step for checking status on a file and avoid unnecessary emails or phone calls.  OSI client portal also provides copies of the Proof of Service for convenience and back up.  OSI Systems utilizes security layers for the protection of the system.

Client UPLOAD Box

OSI makes sending work easy to all it's clients.  Save money on delivery costs by simply uploading documents into our system by using our systems DRAG and DROP feature.  Take advantage of our seamless process in sending the work free of charge.  OSI prints out the work and sends off immediately for service.  It's that EASY !!!  Feel free to contact us if you want to get set up.  Not only is OSI one of the lowest priced full support service companies out there now OSI has made it more convenient to send work.